Architect Led Services

At Bootstrap, we deliver Architect led design + construction services to residential and commercial building owners. Through integration of process and discipline, our team is able to bridge the gap between trends, technology, and trades to create beautiful and enduring projects that are a reflection of the user and of site opportunities.  With this mission statement in mind, Bootstrap is a company with a diverse offering of professional services, all delivered through an architectural lens.


Architecture is not just a service; it is a standard. At Bootstrap, being architects shapes our daily lives.  It is how you present yourself, it is how your desk looks, it is how your dinner table looks.  Architecture pervades every aspect of your life and how you see the world.  We are listeners, we are interpreters of thoughts and dreams, and we take those feelings and bring them to life through architectural design.  We design unique spaces for unique clients and unique sites.


Viewing construction through an architectural lens allows for integrated problem solving with elegant solutions. Many construction companies advertise that “we build it right”.  At Bootstrap, it is a given that buildings are “built right.”  Our standard moves past this and asks the questions; does it look right?,  does it feel right?


At Bootstrap, with expertise in both Architectural design and construction, we also offer consulting services to other architecture firms, construction companies, and building owners. We offer architecture material specification and project manual services, project detailing and drawing review, as well as, third party cost verification and cost estimating.

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